What is the best time to go to Panama? Tips & Recommendations

Visiting Panama is a plan that will never disappoint you, the country has many natural and cultural attractions and fantastic weather conditions. One of these great attractions is the Panama Canal, known for being the eighth marvel of engineering, which you can explore at any time of the year. In the following article we will […]

Tips on how to buy in Panama

Panama is one of the cheapest shopping destinations with the most variety of products in all of Latin America. The city has a large number of malls and shopping centers, where you can find everything from very cheap items to the most exclusive designer garments. If you plan to travel to the country and take […]

Where to exchange euros in Panama

Panama’s local currency is the balboa; However, with an entirely dollarized economy, the dollar is accepted and circulates freely throughout the country, equating its value with that of the balboa in equal proportion. But what if you don’t bring U.S. dollars but euros? We’ll tell you all about it here! Why do I need to […]

How much is a euro worth in Panama?

The only currencies with a fixed exchange rate in Panama are the balboa and the dollar, both of which have the same value and circulate without restrictions in the country. However, the situation with the euro is totally different, since its price fluctuates daily and, therefore, people who arrive in the country with these currencies […]

Sightseeing in Panama – 10 amazing places to visit!

If you’re planning a few days of vacation and you’re wondering what you can see or do in Panama, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will tell you which are the best locations in the country, so that you can enjoy both its paradisiacal beaches and the most emblematic and charming corners of […]

Traveling abroad? Use an exchange instead of credit cards

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, but it’s important to plan well before embarking on your adventure. One of the main concerns is how you’re going to pay your expenses while you’re abroad. Many people choose to use credit cards, but in reality an exchange may be a better option. The first reason why an […]

7 Smart Reasons to Exchange Money in Panama

If you’re planning a trip to Panama, one of the most important things to consider is how to exchange your money to get by more easily and comfortably. Although there are several options available, exchanging money at an exchange can be one of the best options, you still don’t know why? Here are seven reasons […]

Panama: Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit

Before traveling to Panama, you need to know some facts It is a small country located in Central America, connecting North America and South America. Its main airport is Tocumen International, which receives international travelers who are destined for Panama itself or who are going to connect with other countries. In addition, it is there […]

Food in Panama: Discover the Country’s Gastronomy

Sancocho Panama

Do you already know what food is in Panama? What are the typical dishes and how are they prepared? In this post you will find everything you need to know. Before traveling to the country, it is important to know what the food is in Panama, because knowing the origin and the way it is […]

Exchange House Law in Panama

There is a lot of speculation about the legitimacy of exchange houses in Panama, and since we care a lot about providing our clients with a service framed in security and reciprocal trust; The Eurocash team will take advantage of this informative space to debunk myths and clear up some of the most common doubts […]