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Panama and Colombia are bordered by a land border that is approximately 266 km long; this proximity means that Colombian tourists and migrants frequently come to the Isthmus. We could assure you that more than 30% of our clients are of Colombian nationality; For years, they have built loyalty and placed their trust in Eurocash to exchange their pesos into dollars.

In our exchange house you will find a safe and transparent space to carry out the purchase and sale of foreign currency; Additionally, we provide you with a service framed in quality and good attention, with qualified agents who will make you feel the confidence you need during your exchange process.

Our decade of experience has made us specialists in foreign exchange matters, so we are fully qualified to help you and solve your doubts on the spot.

Colombian Peso to Dollar Calculator

Please note that the currency conversion rates provided by this calculator are for informational purposes only and may not reflect the actual exchange rates used by financial institutions. The actual exchange rate may vary depending on several factors, such as market fluctuations, transaction fees, and other charges.

The currency conversion rates provided by this calculator are based on current exchange rates, which are subject to change without notice. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the results obtained through this calculator.

Why choose us for your
Changes from dollars to pesos?

  • We are a legally constituted company with an exchange process in accordance with Panamanian law.
  • In online search engines, we appear as the best rated exchange house in Panama.
  • Our customers rate us as a 5-star service (If you don’t believe us, check it out on the internet).
  • We have a physical headquarters in a central and accessible location.
  • We won’t charge you any fees for your exchange.
  • We always maintain currency availability.
  • Our exchange rate is the most convenient in town.

How can I convert Colombian Pesos to Dollars?

Eurocash’s exchange process is the most practical of all! To change your pesos into dollars, you must go to our office and ask for information from the advisors on duty. Our team will be in charge of explaining what the current exchange rate is and giving you the rest of the details of the operation so that you can manage the currency exchange successfully.

COP/USD Summary

As we have already mentioned, the proximity of both countries means that the circulation of these two currencies occurs naturally between Colombia and Panama. Although the Colombian peso is not accepted in other business verticals, the situation is very different for exchange houses, being practically the only solution to legally exchange pesos for dollars.

As for the value of the Colombian peso compared to the US dollar, we must say that it is a story full of ups and downs (very similar to that of other Latin American countries) where the dollar “will always be the dollar”, while the peso fluctuates around it. To be a little more explicit, in the next point we will leave you a table with the history of these coins from 2018 to the present.

Operations History

We show you what the value of 1 dollar has been, reflecting its equivalent in Colombian pesos (comparative analysis of the last 5 years).

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