Panama: Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit

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Before traveling to Panama, you need to know some facts

It is a small country located in Central America, connecting North America and South America. Its main airport is Tocumen International, which receives international travelers who are destined for Panama itself or who are going to connect with other countries.

In addition, it is there that the famous Panama Canal, which was built by the United States, is located. In exchange for authorizing construction in this territory, the United States supported the country’s independence process.

Because of this, the country has a huge outside influence on its restaurants and architecture.

However, it does not live only on air connections, nor is it limited to the canal, which connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The country has several attractions.

Country Fact Sheet

Official Name: Republic of Panama

International Phone Code: +507

Capital of the country: Panama City, with a population of approximately 480,000 people

Population: 4.177 million (2018 data)

Religion: The majority of the native population is majority Roman Catholic (approximately 85%)

Native language: Spanish

Vehicular steering: Vehicles have a right-hand direction

Currencies accepted in the country: Panamanian Balboa and U.S. Dollar. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted because Balboa is only available in currencies. A bottle of Coca-Cola/Pepsi (330 ml bottle) costs approximately US$1.40 in the country.

Do I need a visa to visit the country?

If you are coming to Panama for tourism or work, you will not need a visa to enter and stay in the country. However, immigration may ask for some documents that prove where you will be staying, how many days your trip will last, and when you will return.

How to get to the country?

Its main airport (Tocumen), which is located in the capital, is the most used by tourists to enter the country.

Also, most tourists like to shop at this airport because of the great prices in the shops. That way, if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit them.

What is the weather like in Panama?

Because it is close to the Equator, Panama has a typical tropical climate and, as a result, its temperature varies little throughout the year, with pleasant and warm temperatures.

Because there are few variations, what defines the seasons are rainfall and periods of drought. This season of dry temperatures runs from December to April (summer in the country), on the other hand, the wettest season goes from May to November (winter in the country). So, if you go at that time, don’t forget to bring a raincoat, as most of its attractions are outdoors.

Guía para visitar el Archipiélago de San Blas en Panamá.
Guía para visitar el Archipiélago de San Blas en Panamá.

What is the best time of year to visit Panama?

Any season is good to visit the country, but depending on the season it will rain. If you go in winter, wait for rainy days, even if it’s hot. They are temporary and will not interfere with your sightseeing period and stay there.

These rainy periods are the low season in the country and therefore the prices are more attractive for those who want to spend less and enjoy more. Since there will be fewer tourists, you’ll be able to enjoy more places and face fewer lines.

As the rains are temporary, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Panama has to offer. The vegetation of the country is greener and guarantees a privileged view, unlike in summer, when the vegetation is drier.

If you prefer a dry and warm climate, summer will certainly be better, but it is the high season, with many tourists and prices are high.

If your intention is to go shopping, be careful: January and February, July and August are the best times for sales in stores, as there are great promotions in stores for stock exchange.

Here are some tips for those traveling to the country

Dangerous Driving

Traffic in the country is quite hectic and some people do not respect the traffic rules. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you be careful on the slopes.



If you want to use this type of transportation in Panama, you should know that there are a few different habits. Panamanian taxi drivers do not use a taximeter, so before starting the trip you must say where you want to go and the taxi driver may or may not agree to start the route.

In addition, the driver can tell you the price before, during, or at the end of the trip, but ideally you should ask for the price beforehand so you can be sure of the amount you will pay.

Taxis are shared, so if you don’t want to share the ride with other people, make that clear to the driver and know that it will cost you more.

Tip 1

Ask your hotel for a taxi driver reference.

Tip 2

Check the rate with a hotel employee who knows the area. That way, you can negotiate with the taxi driver.

Great Prices

Panama City has very attractive prices and this attracts many tourists. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit shopping malls, shops and commerce in general.


The standard voltage of the outlets in Panama is 120V and they are type A or B.


As there is a lot of outside influence, Panamanian cuisine is rich in restaurants from other cultures. International cuisine is part of Panama’s cuisine.

We invite you to discover the rich Panamanian gastronomy in our post.


As the country is bathed by oceans, it is possible to see the sunrise and sunset directly from there.

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