Sightseeing in Panama – 10 amazing places to visit!

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If you’re planning a few days of vacation and you’re wondering what you can see or do in Panama, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will tell you which are the best locations in the country, so that you can enjoy both its paradisiacal beaches and the most emblematic and charming corners of the city to the fullest.

Many years ago, Panama was only known for the Grand Panama Canal that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. However, in recent decades Panama City has been crowned the most cosmopolitan city and one of the most complete tourist centers in all of Central America.

Make the most of your trip and be sure to visit the following 10 places:

Explore the city of skyscrapers

Few Latin American cities have as many skyscrapers as Panama City, at night the lights of the grand buildings highlight the exuberant beauty of the capital. The country also has a wide variety of malls and shopping malls ideal for showcasing the shops of the best national and international designers.

Old Town: World Heritage Site

The old town is a must-see for those who love history. This relic, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will make you fall in love with the magic of its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture and adorable squares, churches and museums.

The Panama Canal

Traveling to Panama and not knowing its emblematic canal is like not having visited the country. The Panama Canal is one of the main tourist attractions as it is considered one of the 7 modern wonders.

See the best views of the city from Cerro Ancon

To do this activity you won’t need a lot of money, you just need to have a good attitude and a lot of desire to contemplate nature at its best. From the top, you will see one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the capital.

Stroll along the coastal strip

This recreational space is perfect for admiring the Panamanian bay day or night, here you can walk, skate, rent bikes, exercise or just relax with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze.

Taste Panamanian gastronomy

Another thing you must do in Panama is to taste its gastronomy. The country is a unique culinary destination full of tropical flavors with Spanish and African influences; The gastronomic proposals are unlimited, and the best thing is that there are options for all budgets and palates.

Learn Archaeology in Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo is an archaeological site and Historical Monument made up of the ruins of the ancient city of Panama, which date between its foundation in 1519 and its destruction at the hands of the English pirate Henry Morgan in 1671.

Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of San Blas

The San Blas Archipelago is a Caribbean paradise that offers transparent waters and fine white sand, it has a total of 365 islands. Depending on the island you decide to visit, you can find different outdoor activities (hiking, snorkeling, etc.).

Visit Bocas del Toro

Continuing in the beach vibe, another of the things you must do in Panama is to take a getaway to Bocas del Toro and especially to Colón Island. There you will find small enclaves to surf, swim, dive, spend time with the family or enjoy unique night parties.

More nature? Gatun Lake is for you!

Gatun Lake is a magical Panamanian place made up of an artificial lake, this place is ideal for fishing, admiring nature in all its splendor, taking lots of photos and relaxing while sunset falls.

Tips for travelers

Panama City can be hot and humid for those unfamiliar with its climate. When you’re visiting Panama, make sure to:

  • Bring cool cloth clothes and swimsuits to the beach.
  • Wear comfortable sneakers on your adventure days.
  • Apply sunscreen at all times.
  • Having enough cash, renting taxis, boats, bicycles, and eating and drinks outside restaurants can be a challenge for tourists. If you bring foreign currencies such as Colombian pesos or euros Stop by our exchange office to exchange your currency for local currency!