Tips on how to buy in Panama

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Panama is one of the cheapest shopping destinations with the most variety of products in all of Latin America. The city has a large number of malls and shopping centers, where you can find everything from very cheap items to the most exclusive designer garments.

If you plan to travel to the country and take advantage of your days doing some shopping; Below we will give you recommendations so that you can learn how to buy in Panama at good prices, saving time and money…

Change currencies

In Panama, the U.S. dollar and the Panamanian balboa are handled, if you bring another type of foreign currency such as Colombian pesos or euros, it is best that you exchange your currencies in a reliable exchange house.

Get Organized

We advise you to make a wish list with all the purchases you want to make, this way, you will know exactly what to look for and you will not waste time trying to remember the earrings.

Compare prices

From the moment you get off the plane in Tocumen you can compare prices; In the Dutty Free at the airport you will find shops with different products (perfumes, liqueurs, accessories, souvenirs, etc.). Our advice is to write down the prices of what you are interested in and, in case you don’t get cheaper in the city, you can save the money and buy it before taking your flight back home.

Ask about the tourist discount

Something that no one will tell you about how to buy in Panama, is that there are many stores and businesses that make a discount on the total amount of purchases when you are a tourist; So don’t forget to ask about the tourist discount every time you go to make a purchase.

Take advantage of the sale seasons

In Panama, Black Friday is a boom in almost all establishments during the month of November, this date is ideal to find offers and promotions. In the months of January and February you can also enjoy very low prices, as the holiday boom has passed and stores put many of their items on sale.

Where to buy in Panama?

After having taught you our infallible tips on how to buy in Panama, we will now give you a list of the best places to get what you are looking for:

Albrook Mall

This is one of the largest shopping centers in Central America and you can get there via the metro. In its corridors you will find everything from warehouses and department stores to stores of renowned international designers.

Colon Free Zone

The Colon Free Zone is approximately an hour and a half from the city, to access you must show your passport. We advise you to visit this place if you want to buy wholesale items (perfumes, clothes, accessories, electronics, etc.), if not, we recommend you do the math so that you can see how feasible the trip is including transportation, meals, hydration and other expenses.

Los Pueblos, Metro Mall and El Dorado

These three shopping centres are a must for those who want to buy electronic equipment at a good price (televisions, video game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, laptops…).

Multiplaza and Multicentro

Both malls are well located, convenient and have a variety of shops; However, you may notice that the prices are not as competitive as in the previous options.

What to buy in Panama?

As you could see throughout this publication, in Panama you can find everything and even more of what you are looking for at prices you can’t even imagine; Of course, it is important that you do not settle for visiting just one place. Walk, compare prices and get the most out of your trip!